Monday, January 31, 2011

Rin and Angelo's Ultimate Hipster Wedding

Last Saturday was Rin and Angelo's super hipster wedding.
I am so proud to have been part of it as it was one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to.

Rin was my bandmate in Death By Tampon, and the inspiration for her wedding dress i made was my SS 2005 collection we wore as a band way back.

 Praying for no rain

Her entourage dresses were pieces from one of my previous collection, which I designed, and Lara and Goldie made the illustrations for, which we added petticoats to.  Totally Death By Tampon wedding!

Cute Goldie

 They really put a lot of love into their wedding, they did their own production design.
They had typewriters where you could type your message to the couple:
 And put it up on strings alongside EverywhereWeshoot's prenup pictures:

Their officemates helped fold the books that were the centerpieces of each table
Even their photographers were hipsters.
Check out Angelo's super hot mom, also in one of my dresses. 

Goldie's nail polish was so matching I had to take a picture.

 Rin will always be Rin, even if its her wedding day.
 Of course having loved Angelo the whole time I knew Rin, I had to get this picture.
 And Lara had to get hers.
It was a beautiful wedding, only two super beautiful and creative people could have come up with.
Congratulations Rin and Angelo! We love you!!!
Thank you for choosing me to make your dress :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ate Let as Adam Ant

So today we shot the AW 2011 - 2012 lookbook.
And by chance, when i borrowed her head so i could attach the pin, we discovered that my driver Ate Let can totally channel Adam Ant!

Adam Ant wearing Mich Dulce:

Ate Let wearing Mich Dulce:

and the glasses are actually hers!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Blitz Club Reunion

If there is one thing I am really sad about not being in London at the moment it was missing The Blitz Club 30th Anniversary reunion last Saturday.

I am completely fascinated by the Blitz Club

Blitz Kids

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
'The Blitz Kids were a group of young people who frequented the Blitz nightclub in Covent GardenLondon in
the very early 1980s, and are credited with launching the New Romantic cultural movement.[1] Among their number
were Steve StrangeBoy George and his friend MarilynPerri ListerPrincess Julia, Philip Sallon, Carl Teper and Martin 
Degville (later to be the frontman of Tony JamesSigue Sigue Sputnik). The club was known for its outrageous style of
clothes and make-up for both sexes, [2] [3] while it was also a birth place of several pop groups.
After beginning at Billy's nightclub in the late 1970s, the Blitz Kids had found themselves bored with the whole punk
genre. Billy's had taken to having regular Roxy Music andDavid Bowie nights and, in an effort to find something new,
the denizens took to wearing bizarre home-made costumes and clothing and excessive amounts of make-up, presenting a
highly androgynous appearance. As the group moved on from Billy's to the more elitist "Blitz" club, this was widely
considered to be the birth of the New Romanticmovement.
Soon after, Steve Strange and Boy George became famous in their own right with their musical outings Visage and
Culture Club respectively, as did vocalist Marilyn.

I would have loved to have gone. 
Dressing up is so much fun, I don't understand people who don't. 
That's why I love ShabbaDabbaDa, Daniel Lismore's club night. 
Same eccentricity, really fun people. 

I'd like to know if all the Blitz Kids kept their hats!


The VW Crocs are coming to Manila!!

I am overjoyed to tell you that the Vivienne Westwood Crocodile Melissa shoes are coming to Manila in February!

PhP 7,599 can buy you joy in this shoe!
Available in five colors!

Now if they only get this one, then I would be in Vivi heaven:

I love Melissa x Vivienne so much, I got this style in 3 colors:

And this in purple:

But I still want this one in both colors:


please don't do this

otherwise I'd be out of work!
I wonder if these girls realize that the reason why their bodies are shaped so hourglass-y is because they were wearing corsets before this.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotted: Mich Dulce in Lurve Magazine on Anna Dello Russo

Happy to announce that LURVE Fall Winter 2010 issue is out

2 covers

and inside 

Anna Dello Russo in Mich Dulce opposite a Valentino dress


Lurve Magazine is available at select bookstores and boutiques all over the world.



Many thanks to Lyna and Leslie of Lurve xx 


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cassette Playa GIF

Never got to post this GIF from the the Cassette Playa x Ambush booth at London Fashion Week last season
If the gif doesnt work, double click the photo to open in a new window :)
Verbal, Carri and Yoon at the KTZ show last season

Wala lang.


Friday, January 7, 2011

My Spring Summer 2011 Collection

Don't think I ever got to blog the Spring Summer 2011 collection so here it is: