Sunday, May 15, 2011

Royal Wedding Day

I have been beyond busy so have not been able to blog about my Royal Wedding day last April 29.
I have been completely excited about the Royal Wedding for ages, and really was determined to be in London for it. 

Bori, Adrien and I went over to Hyde Park to join in the celebrations. Basically we wanted to watch the wedding on a big screen - thought it would be pointless to go to Westminster Abbey, The Mall or Buckingham Palace since I'm so small anyway and wouldn't see anything, and if they rode the carriage past it would only be for a few seconds.
 I think we made the right choice. It was fucking awesome, really comfortable, and lots of fun.
This was when Will and Kate walked out of the church, confetti was everywhere.
 So festive, it was like a music festival, but with Britain fever.
 Everyone had such cute outfits

 These guys were like, take our picture! Uhmm. Ok.
 Kate grabbed my boob. Cringe.

 Bori and I were crying, it was so perfect, and I really was so happy to be in London for this experience.
Everyone cheering for the balcony kiss.
 We got the fly past on top of us

 And the band played a medley of wedding songs, and did a full version of Aerosmith's I don't want to Miss A Thing, which everyone danced and slow danced to, it was so cute.
And of course the cutest most perfect couple that is Bori and Adrien were hardcore sweeting it up

 Lots of Brides

 I got totally drunk

 me with Will and Kate (and black lines from my fucking sunglasses haha)
 Ece and Karine joined us later
 Fun times

Post Hyde Park, I went to Shoreditch to do some vintage shopping at the Leonard Street Wedding Party

 Cute cupcakes
Ended the night with Best Coast at Koko

It was the perfect day.
I'm so happy I spend half my year in the UK, love it here so much!
I am officially determined to be in London for every Royal Wedding from now on. 


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  1. i love your dress! is it viv? or your own? can i order! even your dress during your bday picnic was super nice..