Monday, April 18, 2011

The Weekend

Friday night I went to the Barbican for the More Soup and Tart performance
 30 artists had 2 minute performances

 David the type obsessed outside 
Saturday was Hazel's going away BBQ with everyone from i-D.
 It was my first BBQ ever! I loved it. 

 I gave my camera to Judy's 4 year old and ended up with some cute shots 
 After I dragged my over Pimms-ed self to the Hayward for the British Art Show

It was ok. The only piece i really truly loved was this piece called The Clock by Christian Marclay which was a 24 hour video which was made of thousands of film clips of clocks put together to synch with local time. It was awesome.
 So excited for the Tracey Emin exhibition
 (p.s. love is totally what i want!)

 Sunday I cooked nilagang manok (which literally translates to boiled chicken) at mine for the Liverpool kids (for lack of a better term). I've been telling Reuben I'd cook him Filipino food for about 2 years now and I thought i'd finally do it before he went on tour (you can view the Ladytron tour dates here). 
I didn't have enough cutlery, and watching some people eat with tea spoons was really painful (sorry I am the worst host ever!)
Reuben took some polaroids
I can change my facebook picture everyday now. haha!
Reu is selling one of photos as prints to help Japan, click here to buy
The only time you will ever see me without a hat is if you come over my house, I swear I'll always look like crap.
 My friends have such fancy rides
 Yaay :)
Bye Reuben! Please come back to London before I leave!


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  1. Hi Mich! Interesting pics from the art show. Looking forward to seeing your pics from the Tracey Emin show in May too... Warmest regards!