Friday, April 15, 2011

EverywhereWeShoot at Ayala Museum tomorrow!

As you know, I always work with a super talented pair known as EverywhereWeShoot.
Ryan and Garovs have been friends of mine for years now,  they are my ultimate creative collaborators, along with our other graphic design friends Inksurge. I swear I would be anything without them.

Like we always say, what Juergen Teller is to Marc Jacobs, EverywhereWeShoot is to me.

So it pains me so much to not be there at their first solo exhibition and talk at Ayala Museum!
I would have been sitting in front like a proud parent and crying !

So please go for me and kill me with envy!

Good luck Ryan and Garovs!!! Miss you so much!!! 


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