Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spotted: If By Yes's Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto) and Courtney Kaiser wear Mich Dulce

Look who wore my hats last night
Yuka Honda!

For your reference
(I wanted to put the actual Cibo Matto Know Your Chicken video but youtube wouldn't let me do it)

It was the If By Yes record release party at Mercury Lounge.
Chimera is so my new favorite label, because everyone was sweet and the bands are just amazing.

It was so cute because suddenly everyone had a hat on.
Charlotte and Heather
Katie and Courtney

 I had to take a picture with the real Sean
 So I could put it next to the picture of me and fake Sean Lennon, Mihk Vergara
who is fake Sean circa Home
Or maybe not.

If By Yes is completely amazing, although that is hardly surprising as it is fronted by Petra Hayden of That Dog and with an all star line up that included members from Wilco, Cornelius and Cibo Matto.

Some photos from the gig

Yuko Araki is so the cutest sweetest thing in the world, I adore her!
A video of her with Cornelius before the curly hair

I wish I could be in a band with her and Goldie, then we can be the curliest band in the world.
Band of my dreams.

Thank you Chimera, Yuka, and Courtney <3



  1. how lucky!!! <3 Cibo Matto = my peg in college. true story.

  2. CIBO MATTO!!!! I love em!

  3. THE HATS LOOK GREAT ON YUKA! this is such a great collection! MORE MORE!!!!

  4. BRAVO! YUKA should wear head to toe MICH DULCE <3

  5. At first glance, I thought Sean was Jarvis Cocker.

  6. I love Sean Lennon and Ciba Matto!! Congrats Mich!!!

  7. INGGIT AKO!!!!! hahahaha!!