Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When I wed, I want this dress in white

Two of my greatest idols (Dita Von Teese and milliner Stephen Jones) in one photo, not to mention Dita's wedding dress by my ultimate idol Vivienne Westwood. And yes, the hat is by Stephen, of course.

Lets not forget the corset by Mr. Pearl Dita is wearing underneath.

Ugh! Dita is the luckiest!
I wish I had her life and her beautiful skin. I wish I was her!!

Sorry, but this dress has nothing on Dita's.

I'm trying to convince myself that the reason why I aint married yet is because I still can't afford my Vivienne Westwood wedding dress.


Inquirer Corset Shoot behind the scenes

Yesterday I did a shoot with my BFF Ciara for Inquirer thanks to Marge Enriquez.

Watch out for it on this Friday's Inquirer! 
Here's a teaser of us playing around post shoot ;)




Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in the Big Brother house

I went back in the Big Brother house today for the five year reunion of Pinoy Big Brother.
I was one of the four to represent our batch in Big Brother.
Didn't realize how many 'generations' lived in that house.

not even an eighth of us who lived there
my super crush uma

last nights winners, omg i actually told the girls to move to the side because i had to stand next to the very hot boys. hahaha cougaaaar!

john prats shaved his head and i am appalled. he once had amazing hair in his hawk billboard on megamall that there is even a pseudo Death By Tampon song about it! 

and last but not the least my favorite housemate ever, Bret. He is the cutest nicest boy and he agreed with me when I said the person who cut his hair for the big night was rubbish

We won the challenge too so my mom is pleased that she now owns a new camera ;)
Thanks for having me back in the house, but to be honest, I had to do a major sigh of relief when they said PBB All Stars was a joke, don't think i could handle that again!


PS I totally have to stop wearing that black and yellow dress. haha. But I freakin love it!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bless x Longchamp

I'm not a fan of Longchamp but I adore Bless.

(via http://huntergathererer.blogspot.com/)

I'd wear it like a donut bracelet when the bag isn't in use. Too cool.


House arrest

These past few weeks my life has been about two things: clients and carpal tunnel.
I've barely been out of the house apart from going to my French class because I have to rest my hands.
Fortunately I've had some lovely visitors to keep my thoughts off my hands.

Pattie who had the smallest waist ever when she tried on a corset

Tita Chingbee with her hats (one of it was so high I had to extend the box, lol)

Lloyda, the cutest pregnant woman on earth

Stephanie, my team mate in the Europe over America debates ;)

My mommy Cecile also sent me this:
I rarely get any kind of presents, but Cecile always gives the best ones at the time that I need them the most.  Mother's instinct?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

carpal tunnel has turned me into a reader

I apologize for the lack of blog entries in my brand new blog.
I have been staying off the computer as my last two fingers of both hands have gone numb.
Its awful and I suggest that everyone do the Carpal Tunnel prevention exercises as it is quite painful to have. The pain literally goes up to your armpits. (while I type this, my little finger is once again going numb, so please. do the exercises!)

Instead of going online, I've been reading again.

Right now I'm reading The Lusty Lady, by Erika Langley, which I got in Broadway Market last year.

Erika Langley started dancing only because she wanted to photograph the girls who worked at The Lusty Lady peep show club in Seattle. She ended up dancing there for 5 years.

I think its amazing what these girls do.  They seem so powerful to me.

I don't remember exactly when I started to get obsessed with eroticism, but I think it was around the same time burlesque and lingerie began to fascinate me.   Its funny considering the way I am how I have a decent collection of books on eroticism.

I haven't read this one, but I got the same one for Ciara as her wedding present.

On my wish list:

Ok my hand is beginning to hurt again.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Bride Love

When I first started designing, I never thought I would get into bridal.
Now its my favorite thing to do.

I thought it would be nice to chronicle my past brides.

My first bride was in 2005,  Rachelle Leyda-Holandez
Then in 2009 I was busy making wedding dresses for 2 of my dearest friends and their bridal entourage. 

First, Teresa Eastwood-Kiefer, who got married in Switzerland in July 2010 --

Photos by Les Talusan

And in January of 2010, Ciara Sotto - Oconor. 

photos by MangoRed

You can see more of Ciara's wedding photos on Chuvaness.

I've got a few more brides, but I don't have any photos for some reason! 
Four more brides before the year ends, and I'm so excited for each one!
I really love doing bridal, but it makes me bitter that I'm not getting married anytime soon.
But oh well, at least by the time I get married, I've fully mastered the art of making these dresses! 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chella and Patrick's Wedding

Patrick and Chella got married a few weeks ago, and Chella chose me to make her gown.

 I actually know them both from Ateneo through Tanghalang Ateneo, but was friends more with Chella's brother Dos and Patrick's brother Jerome.
It was also Bembol Rockers' last gig, as Lakshimi left for Abu Dhabi the next day.
Congratulations you two! Such a cute couple!

S.C. Vizcarra in Grazia Magazine

So proud of one of my dearest friends, Rita Nazareno, whose family owns S.C. Vizcarra.
Her bag came out in Grazia this week.
Hooray Rita!

S.C. Vizcarra is amazing. Their quality is impeccable!
Even Marjan loved Rita's bag that i wore when I was in Paris last February.
I loved it so much that I begged Rita to make me one in pink, and last Saturday, I got this.

Thank you Rita, I can't wait to wear it!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Testing Testing

I thought it would be nice to start blogging about my work, just to make my presence known as i've been cooped up at home working.
I wanted michdulce.blogspot.com but someone already registered the name. Gee, thanks.
So for now, its back to being Bitch Dulce (Thanks to Ramon De Veyra for that alias).